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 "Only I can change my life.
No one can do it for me."
                                                                        ~ Carol Burnett


         Ready or not, change is upon us! 
    We now co-create a new experience.

When people are operating from their highest place of thinking and being, goals are achieved more easily and life seems to just flow with positive energy.  When we are in balance, we are naturally more productive and positive.  We have a better chance of sustaining a healthy perspective about life, despite the often negative aspects of our world.  In order to maintain a consistently high energy level, it is important to know what raises it...and what drains it. 

Self-Mastery is all about
learning how to manage
your personal energy
and power. 

Positive personal energy is a tool for people to use in creating and living their ideal lives.  The problem is, as humans we don't completely understand the full potential of our energy or appreciate what influences it.  Often times we focus more on what we don't want, rather than what we DO want.  Negative patterns continue to cycle as a result.  Sometimes our complex lives get tangled up, and it becomes difficult to maintain balance, let alone momentum.  Detangling is not easy to do alone, because when we're feeling stuck, core issues are sometimes hard to see.  Having a support system is vital to moving forward. 

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Energy Coaching is a support system for people who are realizing and stepping into their own personal power through Self-Mastery.  It is a co-created process that provides a framework for information and awareness to come in on all levels.  Sessions and programs are customized and geared toward individual need and personal pace.  Both tools and process are provided to make positive, lasting life changes, bringing much more ease and peace.  Support is intended to be a multi-level learning opportunity, where questions, patterns, blocks or challenges can be explored within a Sacred Space, and discussed openly (from a Higher Self perspective) with personal Guides and Divine "support teams" through a skilled facilitator. 

Are you a candidate
for coaching? 
Do any of these get in the way of
you having the life you really want?
  • Feeling overwhelmed and drained with all that you have to do?
  • Need more personalized support while in transition?
  • Finding yourself "cycling" in old behaviors and choices?
  • Suffering from chronic illness, fatigue, or constant physical pain?
  • Battling depression?
  • Longing for something "more" in your life; even when you supposedly "have it all", something's still missing?
  • Feeling like there's so much more you can do and be, but you don't have the time or energy?
  • Feeling unfilled and wondering about your "purpose"?
  • Expecting the worst things to happen?
  • Stuck in repeating patterns that continually hold you back?
  • Involved in family dynamics that drain you energetically?
  • Old programs and reactionary patterns running your life?
  • Locked in pain and anger from the past?
  • Ready for a life change, job change or career change, but reluctant to move forward?
  • Want to get some insight into what is "going on" at all levels?
  • Have questions you would like to explore?
If you answered "yes"
to any of the above,
you can benefit from coaching! 
Isn't it time to make some lasting
positive change in your life?
Call today to find out how!

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Each of us is a living energy field continually moving and changing, with various energy centers located throughout the body systems.  Our physical bodies, mental capacity, emotional balance, creativity and spiritual health all directly reflect how we are managing our energy.  When any of these are blocked, out of balance or compromised, energy levels and "personal vibration" are negatively impacted. 
The objective is to become consciously aware of your own energy and power...and use it to create the life you truly desire.


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